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Book Review: China`s Grand Strategy written by Sarwar A. Kashmeri

The world has developed to multipolar scenarios with new players coming up in geopolitics.

Dr. Sarwar A. Kashmeri analyzes in his book “China`s Grand Strategy” the role of China intending to become a hegemon in their area, but also globally, comparable to the United States.

The main strategy of China is to gain political and economic influence on countries which are important as markets for trade, or as suppliers of raw materials.

There is also the political agenda behind China`s “Belt and Road Initiative” to get influence on other countries – this is the backbone of the strategy.

This mammoth project is also a big challenge for the west. Dr. Sarwar A. Kashmeri analyzes very well China` aspirations as well as the challenges which this strategy provides.

It is a very important book for the understanding of the implications of China`s rise.

Reviewed by Prince Michael of Liechtenstein and Jürgen Moosleithner

21 August 2019