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The upcoming European elections matter

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein is a regular speaker and commentator in reputable publications all over the world, and one of the participants in the exchange of thoughts in Emerging Europe organization. We will be presenting his select addresses and materials here.

A recent opinion text by Prince Michael for Emergin Europe, “The upcoming European elections matter” was published on May 13, 2019. “Elections to the European parliament are crucially important,” the Prince wrote. “This, however, is not widely recognized by voters as traditionally low turnout across the continent demonstrates.” 

He continued: “The institution is commonly – but wrongly – seen as toothless, sometimes even as a place to dispose of party activists who are redundant locally. This is a fatal misconception, even if the policies of the European Union are prepared and promoted by the European Commission and the deciding institution is the European Council (made up of the leaders of the EU member states).
17 May 2019